The Willoughby L. Nason Grant Information and Application Form


The Willoughby L. Nason Grant Application 

The Willoughby L. Nason Grant

Information and Application Form

In 1979, in memory of their son, the Nason family generously donated money with which to establish a home for the Center for Latin American and Border Studies on NMSU’s Las Cruces campus. Nason House, which also contains the library of Willoughby’s father Charles Nason, was previously the NMSU President’s residence. 

In memory of Willoughby L. Nason, a former graduate student of Latin American history at NMSU who died unexpectedly at the age of 33 in 1979, several scholarships may be awarded annually to NMSU students by the Nason Foundation.

Willoughby L. Nason scholarships from $250-$1000 are available each year to qualified NMSU students. A trust established by the Nason family provides the funds for these scholarships. The award of the scholarships is a competitive process and extra consideration is given to innovative and well-presented proposals.

Student’s current course of study and proposed project must indicate an interest in Latin America. Fields of work may include anthropology, art history, dance, political science, the plastic arts, history, health, geography, criminal justice, sociology, linguistics, literature, agriculture, education and other related fields.

Examples of past work include studies of collectives in Chiapas, the role of civil society in the Colombian peace process, a comparison of Moche erotic artifacts with the works of other cultures, a photographic study of a Guatemalan religious idol, Mexican religious painting, and more.

Scholarship recipients agree to submit the written results of their work to the Nason Foundation. This will then be bound and stored with the works of previous recipients in the Nason House Library. Upon completing their work, scholarship recipients will give a short, oral presentation at the Nason House to members of the Nason Foundation, NMSU, and the local community.

Please return the following application, typed to Brenda Brown at


Applications for summer 2018 must be received by 5:00 pm on April 15.

Finalists will be called no later than May 15, 2015.


Note: If awarded, the Nason Grant will be set up through NMSU Scholar Dollar which may affect your financial aid account. If you have any open balances (e.g. loan debts) the scholarship will be used to repay the debt.




Center for Latin American and Border Studies, February 2018