Student Organizations

The table below outlines student organizations and resources at New Mexico State University.
Organization Contact Information Description
Aggies Without Limits Aggies Without Limits is an NMSU chartered community service organization. Each year we complete two major community service projects, a local & international one.Purpose:1. To bring students together to partner with developing communities and local communities for the purpose of improving their quality of life through the implementation of environmentally sustainable, equitable, and economical engineering projects. 2. To promote the development of globally aware and internationally responsible engineers, students, and professionals
Anthropology Graduate Student Association Purpose:1. To further the local community's awareness of anthropology and sociology. 2. To foster the academic and professional development of graduate students in anthropology and sociology. 3. To facilitate a meaningful academic exchange between faculty and students. 4. To voice the concerns and opinions of graduate students in administrative and departmental decision making and policy making
Arrowhead Center Kathy Hansen
Director and Chief Executive Officer
At Arrowhead, we commercialize technology and help small businesses at all stages start and grow through our services, resources, connections, and expertise.We are committed to economic development in our region and have established our services to help researchers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs pioneer new technologies,businesses, and partnerships.  As part of NMSU, we value working with students and provide them with client-based learning opportunities to accelerate their knowledge of economicdevelopment and tools that will make them responsive to the growing demands of the business world.


Associated Students of New Mexico State University is committed to serving the student body of NMSU. We endeavor to enhance the college experience by providing valuable programs, events, and services to the students of New Mexico State University. As a governing body, it is our duty to use decorum in all situations involving our constituents and the image of the university community.In future years, ASNMSU seeks to continually grow with the university. This is attainable through ever progressive technology, resources and leadership. We are committed to serving current students, as well as positioning ourselves to sustain future administrations. Above all we will represent the interests of the student body at all times.
Black Programs

Kimberly D.York, Interim Director

The mission of Black Programs is to unite students of African-American, Caribbean and African descent by increasing the awareness and appreciation of Black history through educational, cultural, social and academic programs. Our mission includes maintaining a vital support network to help students explore their chosen academic fields and succeed in completing their degree program. Black Programs gives the students the support and connections needed to help realize the full potential of each individual. We also deeply encourage students from all backgrounds to participate in our events and student organizations. It is very important for everyone, no matter what their racial/ethnic, religious background, or sexual preference to know they are welcome here and this is a safe place for them to study and have fun.
College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

Cynthia L. Bejarano
Principle Investigator

New Mexico State University’s College Assistance Migrant Program (NMSU CAMP) is a federally funded program to help migrant or seasonal farm worker students attend college. Our goal is to ensure each CAMP scholar graduates from NMSU with a bachelor’s degree. We offer the first line of support for incoming freshmen to succeed during their first year. We also strive to continue supporting CAMP students to guarantee that they receive the academic guidance to graduate from NMSU.
Chicano Programs

Dr. Judith Flores Carmona, Director

Chicano Programs at NMSU is a support service that promotes and empowers all student success through education, advocacy and development of cultural literacy.
Critical Multicultural Educators Graduate Student Organization The objectives of the CMEGSO shall be to further the aims and goals of graduate students and to serve as an intermediary between students and faculty, staff, and administration for the mutual benefit of all.
Global Student Alliance All NMSU students are eligible to join the Global Student Alliance. The primary organization objectives include: networking, global cultural and language exchange, professional development and relationship building. In line with NMSU regulations and policies, this organization also works to address student issues, and to create an open environment for international travel and cultural discussions.
Government Graduate Student Organization GGSO is a service and social organization whose purposes are to promote social interaction within the Government Graduate Department and to complete community service. The goals of GGSO are to increase community and University involvement among Government Graduate Students and aid students in obtaining funding for research and conferences.
Honors College

Dr. Phame Carmona

The mission of the New Mexico State University Honors College is to serve the citizens and state of New Mexico by providing an enriching environment for diverse, academically talented, and motivated students. The Honors College also seeks to create a community of scholars and mentors that fosters personal growth, critical thinking, leadership, independence, curiosity, and social responsibility.  The college aspires to cultivate student potential to broadly understand and positively impact communities, organizations, and the larger world.  The Honors College aims to focus campus attention on excellence in undergraduate education while strengthening the university’s reputation as the university of choice in New Mexico.
MAES- Latinos in Science and Engineering MAES is the foremost Latino organization for the development of STEM leaders. Our local chapter offers its members opportunities to attend national conferences and participate in workshops and events throughout the academic year. The workshops and events are aimed at developing professional and academic skills in our members.  MAES strives to offer members the opportunity to pursue leadership roles and assist with an easier transition into industry upon graduation. Our chapter hosts industry representatives and professionals on a regular basis. In addition, we work closely with the other in campus organizations to create a sense of community in the college. There are several opportunities available for volunteering and community outreach every semester
Public Health Student Organization

The Public Health Student Organization works to promote academic and professional networking, provide current information about the public health field, collaborate with incoming and current Bachelors and Masters of Public Health students, support academic and professional development of members by providing partial monetary sponsorship for attendance of conferences, meetings, and other activities, and to promote social responsibility through community service involvement.

The role of the Public Health discipline is to provide health promotion and disease prevention awareness, education, practices, facilities, and programs to the public at large to increase the quantity and quality of life.
Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Purpose:1. Increase the number of Hispanic engineering students at New Mexico State University. 2. Inform the general public of technical contributions and achievements of Hispanic Americans. 3. Promote advancement of Hispanic engineers in employment and education. 4. Encourage improvement of the quality of education and promote programs that prepare students for technical careers. 5. Increase the number of Hispanics entering the field of engineering and/or science related fields. 6. Develop and participate in programs which industry and educational institutions that benefit students seeking technical careers. 7. Provide a forum for exchange of information pertinent for Hispanic engineering/science students enrolled in New Mexico State University
The Office of Volunteer & Community Service

Looking for a way to volunteer and get involved with your community? Then you have come to the right place! The Office of Volunteer and Community Service helps students like you find ways to give back. We do this by matching your passions with a need in our community.

Our program aims to educate students on why volunteers in a community having is so critical. Students are able to accumulate community service hours from meaningful projects and programs. They will take on leadership roles within Volunteer Community Service while having the opportunity to help create new volunteer programs at NMSU

Updated on October 14, 2020